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One of my all-time favorite "hobbies" is cooking at home! I especially enjoy experimenting with new ingredients ...and different types of cookware. My specialties are foods that are diabetic-friendly, keto-friendly, and low-carb. I share my favorite recipes and cooking tips here at The Fun Times Guide to Food.

Is sugar really that bad for us? Aren't sugar substitutes better? We explore these questions, while touching on the most popular artificial sweeteners used today. Here are 20 things I bet you didn't know about sugar and sugar substitutes!

When you need your daily fix of fresh warm donuts, you can find all you care to eat on virtually every corner, thanks to numerous franchise donut shops in the U.S. Want to make some extra money? As a doughnut lover, you might even think about opening your own donut concession stand!

Chocolate dipped bugs -- including chocolate covered crickets and chocolate covered grasshoppers -- are the latest food sensation that everyone's buzzing about. Here's where to buy them, and ways to make some unusual chocolate dipped foods yourself.

Chocoholics rejoice! There are 3 new reasons that dark chocolate benefits health enough to raise it to superfood status. Finally, the chocolate bar with almonds is recognized for all of its health benefits.

Do you know where the food you ate today originally came from? Chances are most of the food you eat comes from factory farms. Here are some reasons to consider buying organic food, or growing your own. It's healthier, among other things!

Your favorite sit-down restaurant may offer frozen versions of the same meal. Find out from this video how well restaurants' frozen dinners measure up when compared to the same meals served inside the restaurants.

There's a kitchen gadget for everything these days. However, there are a few that actually deserve a place in your kitchen. This video demonstrates the kitchen gadgets that will help you bring professional results to the dinner table.

This top 10 list of foods, can bring foodborne illness to your dinner table real quick. Food poisoning often starts where the product originated, or along the journey, all the way to your dinner table. If you don't clean and cook the product properly you're also responsible.

See the latest food industry trends. Plus, all the best links to stay on top of the most recent food and restaurant trends.