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Here are some cool things you can do with a microwave that you might not have have heard before.

See all the reasons I love these Quik Top lids! (Reusable lids for canned beverages and water bottles) They keep an opened beverage fresh longer & much more

It's time to trade in your old analog cookware for new digital cookware! These 4 hi-tech kitchen gadgets will transform your Thanksgiving dinner. A faster & easier way to prepare food at home for the holidays!

Thinking of making bread at home yourself? We recently invested in a Zojirushi bread maker and have found the best bread slicers and bread knives too!


This caught my eye on Twitter: 'High quality, low cost chef and paring knives, great for cooks on a budget.' See why I love the knives, but I decided NOT to buy them on OpenSky.

There are lots of great uses for an egg slicer... OTHER than for just slicing eggs! photo by by chatirygirl on Flickr

What's the 1 kitchen gadget you can't live without? Generally, I don't do gadgets. But I get more use out of a simple egg slicer than any other item in my kitchen!

Here are several interesting spice racks, plus some really clever ways to store your spices.

I've found 7 good ways to keep chips fresher longer. A few of these ideas are REALLY ingenious!

A list of food scraps that cannot be put down the garbage disposal, plus tips for getting the most of that handy disposer in your kitchen sink.