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Got Lots Of Canned Goods? Make Gravity-Defying Artistic Canned Food Sculptures!

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By Curtis

fire-hydrant-made-from-canned-goods-by-swanksalot.jpg Are you looking for something interesting to do with an excess supply of canned goods?

Here’s an idea…

Put your creative and artistic side to good use, and see if you can stack your cans in interesting patterns and shapes!

Making sculptures from canned goods is all the rage at supermarkets these days — not only as a form of creative marketing for a specific food product, but also as a way to bring attention to a particular charity or cause.

That’s right, events and competitions are staged each year to showcase various artists’ use of canned goods in creative ways.

Many of the canned food sculptures defy gravity, and when viewed from a distance the colors of the labels blend into the picture becoming art.

To see what I’m talking about, here’s a collection of some works of art created for display and made completely of canned goods:


So, whether you’re a supermarket manager looking for creative marketing ideas, or you’re just bored and wondering what to do with your family emergency food supply while waiting for the next natural disaster to strike, why not have a little fun and see what interesting displays you can come up with?

Who knows, you might just win a competition!

The best part, most are for a great cause. For example, one can sculpture contest netted 4,000 pounds of food for a local food bank.

Plus, there are often fun prizes.

Here are some recent competitions featuring canned goods: