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Cooking bacon in the oven? I found a way to eliminate 100% of the mess when baking bacon, how long to bake bacon, the best temp to bake bacon in the oven.


There is one type of flour that passes the gluten free test: buckwheat flour! Here are gluten free recipes for buckwheat pancakes, plus my best buckwheat pancake tips.

15 different frugal recipes that taste great! They were all created with the intention to save you money!

With these tips, quick healthy meals can be served up at home -- even when you have no time at all! Plus, there's a video that demonstrates some products that can make it even easier.

When you need your daily fix of fresh warm donuts, you can find all you care to eat on virtually every corner, thanks to numerous franchise donut shops in the U.S. Want to make some extra money? As a doughnut lover, you might even think about opening your own donut concession stand!

Breakfast is one of the 10 best drunk foods. See the others. Plus, great tips and foods to eat when you simply can't resist the urge to eat late.

The $2-$3 you pay for a bag of processed hash brown potatoes can be replaced with this more satisfying, better tasting, homemade potato dish. It only costs pennies to make -- especially when you buy your potatoes in bulk 20-lb bags! Here's how we make our own breakfast potatoes from scratch.

Here are some ways to use leftover turkey in creative, fun, and appetizing ways... Lots of turkey recipes that will put your leftover holiday turkey to good use!

Making really good pancakes from scratch is very easy, takes only a matter of a few extra minutes and creates no more of a mess to clean up than making them from a mix.