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Food Industry Trends – The Hottest Food Trends In Restaurants & Stores Right Now

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By Curtis

beer-and-popcorn-by-Joe-in-DC.jpg How and what we eat seems to be an ever-changing part of our lives. 

Good news: According to recent food industry trends, it looks like chefs, restauranteurs, and the general public are finally leaning toward a healthier lifestyle

Most notable is the fact that people are watching very closely where their food comes from. 

"Locally grown," "organic," and "gluten-free" are just a few of the popular catch phrases used on food packaging — in order to meet the demand of the health-conscious consumer.

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Because we’re all starting to realize the effects of obesity, switching from the empty calories found in junk food to healthier snacks just makes sense. 

Surprisingly, some of the old favorites like popcorn actually have health benefits.  Even beer has health benefits that you may not be aware of!  

I guess this proves the true meaning of a trend.  It’s all in how a product is marketed.  If the public immediately jumps on the bandwagon, it must be the latest in food trends.


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