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One of my all-time favorite "hobbies" is cooking at home! I especially enjoy experimenting with new ingredients ...and different types of cookware. My specialties are foods that are diabetic-friendly, keto-friendly, and low-carb. I share my favorite recipes and cooking tips here at The Fun Times Guide to Food.

Canned goods stacking competitions are the latest rage. Using canned goods to Create works of art is a tool often used by engineering and art schools alike. Break out your supply of tuna and give it a try, you might find a new career from your effort.

If you're tired of Ramen Noodles or Hamburger Helper, try Whole Chicken In A Can. Laugh if you like, but whole canned chicken makes a great soup or stew! It's fully cooked, just reheat and add some fresh veggies for a wonderful meal.

Microwave popcorn burns quite quickly. The terrible smell lingers forever and it's tough to clean. Here's how to remove burnt popcorn smell from a microwave

Breakfast is one of the 10 best drunk foods. See the others. Plus, great tips and foods to eat when you simply can't resist the urge to eat late.

The same additive that makes white paint is used to make many foods whiter and more appealing to the eye. What's appalling is Titanium Dioxide doesn't get listed on the ingredient label even though it's classified as a possible carcinogen!


Pyrex bakeware can fly apart sending glass everywhere. Non-stick and Teflon coated pans pump poisons chemicals into the air when heated. Watch this video and you'll be convinced that ceramic cookware is the only safe option!

Don't throw out food just because it's past the date on the package. Most dry goods will last for years when stored properly.

Satisfy your desire for chocolate with a 3-minute recipe: microwave chocolate cake in a cup! I bet everything you need to make it is right in your pantry.

It's the time of year for apple recipes! Here are lots of unique recipes for fall apples to help you put that fall apple harvest to good use. Plus other fun things to do with apples.