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Find recipes that adapt to your pantry. (Rather than making your pantry adapt to the recipes!) These sites help you find recipes with the ingredients you have.

Campfire Cones are the perfect sweet treat for kids of all ages -- a great alternative to traditional Campfire Smores. My favorite Campfire Cones recipe and tasty Smores ideas that work well inside waffle cones. These can be made at home in the oven, on the grill, or on a campfire!

Shark fin cupcakes are an easy addition for a shark-themed party or to celebrate Shark Week! My tips for making shark fins for cupcakes & filling the center with 'blood'.

5 simple Halloween treat recipes that kids love. You can hand them out to trick-or-treaters instead of candy bars. Or serve them at your Halloween party!

One of my favorite dessert recipes is Marshmallow Fluff Never Fail Fudge. See how to make this classic fudge recipe + My personal tips for the best results!

Next time you’re hosting a party or preparing food for a group, don’t panic. Try these quick & easy recipes. You won't be stressed. Your guests will be full.

Bananas come in a neat disposable and biodegradable handy wrapper. Here's how to impress your friends -- or your kids -- by serving pre-sliced bananas within an unopened banana peel or by making individual bite-sized slices of bananas within the peel. Plus how to peel bananas like the monkeys do!

Grilling has 2 seasons:summer and football. Now is the time of year where backyard grillers become parking lot chefs at tailgate parties coast to coast. Before you buy a grill for this tailgate season, here are some things to consider...

Being a simple girl, not to mention frugal, I like serving dishes that are simple in design and serve more than one function -- like serving as food storage containers as well! Here are my favorites, including some unique options for lids.