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I knew there had to be a healthier way to enjoy crunchy chicken without frying it. The fried chicken recipe I came up with eliminates most of the fat. You're gonna love my crispy (not fried) chicken recipe!

If you own a chest freezer -- and if you don't you should -- then you'll want to consider purchasing local meat in bulk. But, if purchasing a case of chicken or a side of beef sounds like too much, then consider splitting the purchase between a few friends or family members. Here are the benefits of buying local meat.

I decided to try organic chicken soup after seeing how many preservatives are in traditional canned chicken soup. My taste-test review of 4 popular organic soups.

Food Labels

If you buy food at the grocery store, look for these common buzzwords on food labels. The misleading food labels make foods seem healthier than they really are.

Until I tried it myself, I never would've thought you could do all this with 1 roasted deli chicken! See all the ways you can use a whole chicken to save time & money.

The George Foreman name is synonymous with nutritious meals, and the George Foreman rotisseries are no exception. Here are the top 5 reasons to own a George Foreman rotisserie oven.

A collection of the best fried chicken recipes that you can make at home: pan fried chicken, oven fried chicken, deep fried chicken, and more!

Do you know where the food you ate today originally came from? Chances are most of the food you eat comes from factory farms. Here are some reasons to consider buying organic food, or growing your own. It's healthier, among other things!

If you're tired of Ramen Noodles or Hamburger Helper, try Whole Chicken In A Can. Laugh if you like, but whole canned chicken makes a great soup or stew! It's fully cooked, just reheat and add some fresh veggies for a wonderful meal.