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The Best Kitchen Gadget?… The Egg Slicer, Of Course!

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By Curtis

favorite-kitchen-gadget-the-egg-slicer-by-chatirygirl.jpg Who doesn’t love a new kitchen gadget?

You can always use a new cutesy little device that’s specifically designed to address a problem you never knew you had, right?

This was the case with one of the few kitchen gadgets I hold dear to my heart: the  egg slicer.

Capable of raising your lowly salad to professional standards, I’m amazed that I got by without one for so long.

I also use my egg slicer to make perfectly symmetrical egg salad.  Slice the egg, then turn it 90 degrees and slice it again.  Like magic, you have a perfectly diced egg!

The fact is late night Infomercials, combined with sleep deprivation, can have you ordering all kinds of special purpose devices like these quick top lids that turn soda cans into soda bottles.

“If you call in the next 20 minutes we’ll double your order.  Call right now, you know we can’t be doing this all day.” Yes, we’re all familiar with that often-repeated sales pitch.

Good news: In some instances, there really is a better tool or kitchen gadget that will truly help the average person attain success in the kitchen!

This video demonstrates some other kitchen gadgets that every home chef will find essential: