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Drunk Food & Popular Food Cravings When Eating Late At Night

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By Curtis

diner-breakfast-by-adactio.jpgEating late at night – we’ve all done it.

In fact, most of us have been there when the “last call” for drinks goes out at the bar shortly before 2AM.

The first thought that usually comes to mind is, “Let’s go get something to eat!”

Why is it that after an evening of drinking, eating late becomes the next craving to take control of our dimmed senses?


Years ago, those around me who partook of late night activities would eventually end up at a little greasy spoon truck stop diner down in the trucking end of Duluth MN called Jerry Lee’s.  For a couple dollars (remember, I said years ago), you would get a mountain of hash browns topped with about a 1/4 lb of real butter, a couple eggs and bacon or sausage.  Enough calories to keep you going for the next week!


The Best Drunk Food

Breakfast is one of the 23 most delicious foods to eat when you’re drunk. There are 9 others. What’s your favorite drunk food when you’re eating late?

Here’s the best late night food in America. See what, when, how, and why to eat when most people aren’t.

By the way, if the nearest all night diner isn’t within walking distance, you better call a cab or carry a breathalyzer just to be safe. This online breathalyzer instantly reveals how drunk you are based on the alcohol you’ve consumed.

Here are 3 websites that will satisfy your late night hunger!


Tips For Eating Late… If You Must

This video reveals some great late night snacks… if you must: