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When Mother Nature strikes, emergency food and water is YOUR responsibility. Do you have a 3-month supply of food right now? You should. Better yet, this video shows how to start a family survival plan, with up to 1 year's worth of food & supplies!

Various points of view on whether you can safely boil water in the microwave or not.

Do you really need to wash fruits and vegetables before you eat them? If so, what is the BEST method of washing produce? What about those commercial vegetable washes and produce washers you can buy... are they worth it? Here's what you need to know about washing produce -- what works and what doesn't.

Exploding glass makes great headlines. But what's really going on here? There's more behind the Anchor Hocking and Pyrex exploding bakeware phenomenon than most people realize. Here are the facts.

A super handy reference guide for anyone who spends time in the kitchen cooking and preparing food. I refer to these kitchen shortcuts ALL the time!

As seen in this video, it's a proven fact that bottled drinking water is no better than tap water. Here are all the reasons you need to stop wasting money on bottled water.

Is sugar really that bad for us? Aren't sugar substitutes better? We explore these questions, while touching on the most popular artificial sweeteners used today. Here are 20 things I bet you didn't know about sugar and sugar substitutes!

This top 10 list of foods, can bring foodborne illness to your dinner table real quick. Food poisoning often starts where the product originated, or along the journey, all the way to your dinner table. If you don't clean and cook the product properly you're also responsible.

Microwave popcorn burns quite quickly. The terrible smell lingers forever and it's tough to clean. Here's how to remove burnt popcorn smell from a microwave