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How To Make Nutritional Labels For Your Homemade Foods

Print nutrition labels for your own homemade foods for free.

Watching your fat intake?

Trying a low-carb diet?

Keeping an eye on your daily calories?

Checking every item on your shopping list to see what damage it will do to your diet?

If you’re spending lots of time reading the nutrition labels on foods, here’s a question:

What do you do when it comes to homemade foods that you’ve made from a recipe? 

Good news, you can make your own nutritional labels from the recipe ingredient list!


Make Nutritional Labels For FREE

Here are some FREE nutrition label makers for use at home to keep your family’s and your own personal diet on track:

If selling food is your business, then you may want the advanced features that come with paid programs:


With both the free and paid programs, you simply enter the ingredients and quantities and the calories, fat, protein, and so much more will be presented in the form of a nutrition label for you.

This is great whether you’re making your own granola or other high energy snack foods, or if you’re creating other recipes on the fly and you’re keeping track of your family’s nutritional intake. Ditto if you’re making food gift baskets for others.

And if you’re selling food items, then by law you must put nutrition labels on your products.

Of course, even if you don’t care to make nutritional labels, per se, and you’re just interested in seeing how your own recipes fare in terms of nutritional content, the above programs will work for that as well.

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