3 Ways That Dark Chocolate Benefits Health: It’s A Superfood!

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chocolate-benefits-health-by-michael-mx5tx.jpg This news won’t break anybody’s heart: dark chocolate is a superfood!

Researchers established a while back that dark chocolate benefits health in many ways.

Now there are 3 more benefits of eating chocolate to add to the list:

  • Dark chocolate makes you smarter by increasing cerebral blood flow.
  • Chocolate eaters are less likely to die during a heart attack.
  • Chocolate fights cavities.

This list of the top 10 everyday superfoods should be expanded to include dark chocolate.

Unfortunately, other chocolates — such as milk chocolate and white chocolate — don’t offer the same health benefits.

This 3-minute chocolate cake in a cup is one way to satisfy your chocolate craving.

Another way (that’s a bit healthier) is to grab a Hershey’s Special Dark with Almonds chocolate bar.  You’ll be getting 2 superfoods for the price of one since almonds are a superfood too!

Wait a minute, if dark chocolate benefits health and almonds do too, does that make the dark chocolate candy bar with almonds a super-duper-food?

These videos discuss the benefits of dark chocolate and its status as a superfood: