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A comparison of the Chicken BLT Wendy's salad vs the Crispy Chicken Bacon Ranch McDonald's salad. Plus interesting facts about fast food salads compared to dog food.

Frozen yogurt ISN'T the perfect healthy treat you may think it is. Here's why you should stick to eating regular yogurt instead of frozen yogurt.

You can get excellent cheap meals for less than $5 -- some for as little as $3.99! Here are the best ways to get cheap meals at popular restaurants.

Many restaurants offer a secret dining menu for popular items or substitutions not listed on their main menu. For example, this video decodes In-N-Out Burger's secret menu, plus tips for ordering other items not on the menu.

See how restaurants use fancy techniques to trick you into ordering what they want you to order -- the highest-priced, highest-profit items on the menu. Here's how to turn the tables on the restaurants by understanding the basics of restaurant menu design before you order!

A collection of the best fried chicken recipes that you can make at home: pan fried chicken, oven fried chicken, deep fried chicken, and more!

You will enjoy your restaurant dining experience even more if you can avoid these 10 common mistakes that restaurant goers frequently make. Plus, here are some mistakes when dining out with children that you don't want to make either.

When you need your daily fix of fresh warm donuts, you can find all you care to eat on virtually every corner, thanks to numerous franchise donut shops in the U.S. Want to make some extra money? As a doughnut lover, you might even think about opening your own donut concession stand!

Your favorite sit-down restaurant may offer frozen versions of the same meal. Find out from this video how well restaurants' frozen dinners measure up when compared to the same meals served inside the restaurants.