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Not many people are using Google Docs for recipes, but it serves my purpose well. I've been organizing recipes there for years! How to organize recipes in Google Drive

You can make food nutritional labels for yourself and your family, or for the food products that you sell. Here's what you need to know, plus FREE nutrition label generators and professional paid ones for small businesses.

Big Oven is the first recipe program to meet my recipe organization needs. Review of BigOven, Mastercook, Mealmaster, Cookn, Living Cookbook, Now You're Cooking.

Believe it or not, popcorn is one of the healthiest foods available to us. Following are just a few of the nutritional benefits you'll get from eating popcorn.

Following is a list of all the virtues of ketchup, including its many varieties, little-known facts, the world's largest, and lots of fun things you can do with ketchup... Yep, everything you want to know about ketchup... and more!

What do you do when you look at your bookshelves and you see more than 100 cookbooks there? If you're Heidi Swanson, you break out the pans. And the computer. Heidi is an award-winning photographer and author who one day in 2003 decided it was time to stop buying books and start cooking what's in them.

See all the reasons I love these Quik Top lids! (Reusable lids for canned beverages and water bottles) They keep an opened beverage fresh longer & much more

My family enjoys cooking out on our patio. We’ve tried many different outdoor cookers. Before you buy a grill, read our pros & cons of the best grills first.

Cadbury Easter Candy

Yep, there's a new recipe being used for Cadbury eggs in the U.K. Here's my take on the great Cadbury eggs Easter candy debate in the U.S. Good to know!