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Chocoholics rejoice! There are 3 new reasons that dark chocolate benefits health enough to raise it to superfood status. Finally, the chocolate bar with almonds is recognized for all of its health benefits.

See the latest food industry trends. Plus, all the best links to stay on top of the most recent food and restaurant trends.

Looking for a healthy snack? Try some nuts and berries! Not what you're after? We've got lots of other healthy snack ideas here.

Homemade bread using whole grains and healthy seed is a real treat. Here are some recipes and tips for using whole grains.

Did you know that most weeds that grow in your yard are actually edible? Here are some of the foods that will grow themselves in your yard.

Here are some fun ways to flavor plain popcorn and keep it healthy, plus lots of flavored popcorn recipes that are also healthy.

The latest new artificial sweetener goes by the name of Splenda. According to all the hype, it is made from sugar and because of that it is safer. But is it? The following information will make you think twice about using Splenda and other artificial sweeteners!

We go to Sonic drive-in at least once every week. Tonight at Sonic I noticed a few unique things I'd never seen before. These 4 things are just SOME of the reasons that Sonic is our all-time favorite fast-food restaurant.

Taco salad can be one of the most unhealthy dishes around when it comes to the fat content alone. But once I applied the following tips to my own taco salad recipe, I not only felt better, but when applying the same principles to other recipes I also began to lose weight -- a real plus for me!