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A comparison of the Chicken BLT Wendy's salad vs the Crispy Chicken Bacon Ranch McDonald's salad. Plus interesting facts about fast food salads compared to dog food.

I decided to try organic chicken soup after seeing how many preservatives are in traditional canned chicken soup. My taste-test review of 4 popular organic soups.

Food Labels

If you buy food at the grocery store, look for these common buzzwords on food labels. The misleading food labels make foods seem healthier than they really are.

Natural Foods

I've been trying to find more convenient and less expensive natural foods lately. These 4 food brands are adding more & more natural foods that taste great!

Frozen yogurt ISN'T the perfect healthy treat you may think it is. Here's why you should stick to eating regular yogurt instead of frozen yogurt.

Whether you're a diabetic trying to keep your blood glucose numbers low, or you're just trying to eat healthier these days... following are lots of great tips & videos for making healthy pizza using tortilla shells.

With these tips, quick healthy meals can be served up at home -- even when you have no time at all! Plus, there's a video that demonstrates some products that can make it even easier.

It's hard to trust nutrition labels when they hide bad facts with confusing numbers. Serving sizes can be ridiculously small just to make it look good in the percentages. Making your own nutritional labels for food that you prepare at home is the best way to get a handle on what you're eating and the foods' nutritional values.

A superfood is one that provides multiple health benefits when it is included in your diet. Superfoods are often overlooked. This video will introduce you to many superfood items from around the world.