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Using Whole Grains & Healthy Seeds Makes Homemade Bread Special

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By Curtis


Whole grain foods are proven to be healthier than anything made from processed white flour.

The processing and bleaching that gives white flour its smooth white texture actually removes all of the "good stuff" at the same time. 

On the other hand, whole grains retain all the fiber and nutrition.  (As a bonus for diabetics like myself, whole grains also help diabetics keep their blood sugar lower.)  

I much prefer the heartier texture of whole grain and multi-grain breads.  The flavor is so much better too.

Next time when making your own whole grain bread, try adding in some healthy seeds for even more tasty goodness. There’s no doubt about it, your homemade bread with seeds will become a family favorite! 

Yum.  I can imagine it right now: some warm fresh bread right out of the oven topped with a generous amount of butter.  

I always make 2 or 3 loaves at a time — because the first one’s gone immediately!