‘Cook Yourself Thin’ Coming To Lifetime

Cook Yourself Thin is a British favorite that Lifetime Television is bringing to our shores this spring.

The first season is 20 episodes and will show viewers how to eat foods they like, that taste good, and that will help them lose weight.

Average Betty – The SNL of Cooking Videos

Chances are you’re not going to find a cooking video that will have you laughing like Average Betty’s will. Average Betty does for cooking what Saturday Night Live does for the nightly news. The meat of the recipe is there, but the video is really more of a comedy sketch. The result has made Average Betty an Internet celebrity of sorts.

Top Chef Masters: Bravo’s New Top Chef Spin-off

I will be interested to see how this works for Bravo. Top Chef has grown into the top-rated cooking show on cable, but I think it’s harder for viewers to connect with celebrity chefs than it is for us to connect with average foodies, like you and me.

Fun Rachael Ray Sayings & Measurements

Food recipes are meant to be tried, experimented with, and enjoyed… the way YOU like ’em! And Rachel Ray helps tremendously with this! Here are some of Rachel Ray’s special touches that make cooking FUN…

It’s Official, I’m Addicted To Cooking… And The Food Network

Who knew that a cooking channel could be so much fun. But watching the steps they go through… the tools they use… the cookware they prefer… and why… and the many quick tips & tricks they share on TV have really made things ‘click’ for me. Here’s why I’m addicted to The Food Network.