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Average Betty – The SNL of Cooking Videos

average-betty.jpg Average Betty isn’t that cooking show on Fine Living.

And you’re not going to mistake this host for Giada De Laurentiis.

But chances are you’re not going to find a cooking video that will have you laughing like Average Betty’s will.

Average Betty does for cooking what Saturday Night Live does for the nightly news.

The meat of the recipe is there (actually, the whole recipe is there), but the video is really more of a comedy sketch. The result has made Average Betty an Internet celebrity of sorts.

So, who is she?

Well, her bio says:

Average Betty, the person, is your average American gal that loves sunsets, corn dogs and SPF 30. She can jump rope “Rocky Balboa” style, but is not into drinking raw eggs. Average Betty grew up in Florida and is the last of six children from a middle-class family. She went to public school, wasn’t popular, and lettered in Drama! She bartended through college, changed her major countless times and graduated with a degree in Art History.”

Beyond that, it’s hard to know.

She keeps her “real” life somewhat secret. I know Betty is also a visual artist and claims to be more of a food hacker than a chef.

The artist and drama background probably explains the dinner theatre feel to the videos. The hacker probably explains the simple and easy-to-understand recipes.

Either way, I suspect you’ll find yourself clicking through Average Betty’s YouTube channel to see what get-up she’s going to wear for that next dish.