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‘Cook Yourself Thin’ Coming To Lifetime

british-cook-yourself-thin-logo.jpg Why is it that so many of the reality and game shows that are successful on American TV these days came here from Britain?

I don’t know that answer but I know a new one is on the way.

Cook Yourself Thin is a British favorite that Lifetime Television is bringing to our shores this spring.

The first season is 20 episodes and will show viewers how to eat foods they like, that taste good, and that will help them lose weight.

What type of folks will you see learning this food trifecta? Well, if they found the people they asked for in the casting call they will be:

Women [ages 25-45] living in the tri-state area who want to lose those last 10-15 lbs. and are willing and ready to make that possible by learning a healthier way of cooking and eating! Our culinary hosts will be teaching the right candidates how to still enjoy eating, all while getting into that smaller dress size. This show is fun, stylish, and full of great food. We are looking for some outgoing personalities who love to eat and are not afraid to speak their mind.

cook-yourself-thin-cookbook.jpg The U.S. show is based on the British Cook Yourself Thin show, which is based on the cookbook of the same name.

Cook Yourself Thin will feature foodie experts Harry Eastwood (who wrote the original cookbook), Allison Fishman and Candice Kumai.

Now, if you search the Internet you’ll find a slew of websites that claim they can help you do the same thing; even WebMD has one.

But there’s something about watching other people do it that’s inspiring. That’s a big reason why NBC’s The Biggest Loser is a ratings winner.

The show I want to see is the one 3 years down the road to learn how many of these reality stars keep all that weight off.