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Fun Things To Do With Spoiled Food: 21 Ways To Use Overripe Fruit

When fruits and vegetables come into season, the price generally drops quite a bit.

Of course we want to stock up on a good deal, so knowing when certain fruits and vegetables are in season makes it easier to plan ahead.

But what happens when you buy more than you’ll use before things start getting soft and showing signs of spoilage?




Uses For Overripe Fruit

Here are 21 ways to enjoy overripe fruit:

  1. Freeze it.
  2. Bake bread with it.
  3. Make jams & chutneys.
  4. Turn it into a smoothie.
  5. Put it in sangria.
  6. Make a cobbler with it.
  7. Add it to other baked goods.
  8. Make your own fruit rollups.
  9. Ripen other fruit with it.
  10. Turn it into a sweet topping.
  11. Make baby food with it.
  12. Put it on your face.
  13. Use it in pancakes.
  14. Make a sorbet with it.
  15. Freeze just the juice.
  16. Cook it down into a sauce for meats.
  17. Make popsicles.
  18. Give it to your plants.
  19. Put it in your hair.
  20. Make wine with it.
  21. Blend it into a salad dressing.

Now, you have no excuse for letting any fruit go to waste.

The above tips will definitely help you avoid buyer’s remorse when you buy too much food because your eyes were bigger than your freezer!

Fruit at or just past its peak contains disease-fighting antioxidants called nonfluorescing chlorophyll catabolites, according to a study from the University of Innsbruck in Austria. A recent Belgian study found that overripe fruit is packed with other healthful compounds, even if it doesn’t look picture-perfect. ~Prevention