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Alcohol And Hangovers… Now Here’s Something Refreshingly Fun!

Recently, the show 20/20 ran a special about “Is drinking a Bud wiser?”

As in, should you drink a few beers before you move to the “hard stuff” in order to prevent a hangover?

“Beer before liquor, you’re never sicker.”


“Liquor before beer, you’re in the clear.”


The conclusion was this…

Alcohol is alcohol.

No matter what the mix, the body can only process so much of it… about a beer an hour.

More than that, and you’re likely to feel it.

So neither of the above poetic phrases seems to hold true.

However, they did offer something new (to me):
With darker drinks, you feel it more.

Such is why I stick to drinking adult beverages that are just one step above WATER:
Bud Light… and the occasional Michelob Ultra Light! (*laughing at self*)

And, of course, a valuable piece of advice that they summed up the show with:
Drink slowly. Drink water. Eat food.

Hmmmm. Now that makes sense, but who is taking the time to think logically and rationally like this when they’re in the midst of a DRINKFEST?!

Just some random thoughts on hangovers and drinking adult beverages.



And Now For Something Refreshingly Fun…

Now I invite you to crack open an ice cold Bud Light and check out these “Real Men of Genius” commercials and “Real American Heroes” parodies:

Click for Bud Light Real Men of Genius radio ads - mp3
MMMMmmmmmm…. now that’s refreshing and light!