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3-Minute Snack Recipe: Microwave Chocolate Cake In A Cup

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By Curtis

chocolate-cake-cup-by-rore.jpg Chocolate cravings – we all get them.  For me, it seems to hit about mid-afternoon maybe once a month. 

Unfortunately, getting my hands on a candy bar or snack cake would mean hopping in the car and driving to the nearest convenience store. It’s almost more trouble than it’s worth.

Here’s a neat idea: microwave chocolate cake in a cup

Made from a few tablespoons of hot chocolate mix, flour, 1 egg, and a little oil, all you do is mix it up in a mug and microwave for 3 minutes. 

What better way to get instant satisfaction by making something so quick & easy and using ingredients you already have?

Now you’re only 3 minutes away from chocolate cake at any time of the day or night. How great is that?!

Of course, if you insist on only eating healthy junk food, you can still include chocolate on your list.  Just make sure that it’s dark chocolate.