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Gluten Free Recipes Using Buckwheat Flour: A Safe Alternative For Those Allergic To Wheat

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By Curtis

Wheat allergies leave you without the ability to make something as simple as a sandwich.

The cake that the whole family enjoys for desert is not on the menu when you have gluten intolerance.

Gluten is a protein found in not only wheat, but also in barley and rye. Some people are even affected by oats as well.


Good News:  There is one type of flour that passes the gluten free test.

It’s buckwheat flour!

The name is misleading, because there is nothing wheat-like in buckwheat.

It’s neither a cereal, nor a grass.

First cultivated in southeast Asia, in the U.S. it is most commonly used as an ingredient in pancakes.


Gluten-Free Buckwheat Pancake Recipes

My father lived through the Great Depression. For many months, his standard breakfast was a tall stack of buckwheat pancakes. With the mixture of buckwheat flour, yeast, and water allowed to ferment over night, a nice batch of tangy buckwheat cakes hot off the griddle gave him a good start to the day.

As a youngster, I enjoyed the same quality morning meal many times.

To this day, I love buckwheat pancakes!  I’m not gluten intolerant myself, I was just brought up to enjoy different textures and flavors.

Buckwheat pancakes are a completely different bird then those you make from the rather boring out-of-a-box mix variety.

These pancakes have character. Letting the yeast work overnight is the trick.

Don’t miss these gluten-free buckwheat pancake tips, along with insider secrets to making buckwheat pancakes.


Here’s a sampler of buckwheat pancake recipes that are also gluten free:




Other Gluten-Free Buckwheat Flour Recipes

Many buckwheat recipes also include wheat flour as part of their ingredient list. There are number of other flours that will work and still maintain your gluten free requirements.

Here are some tasty buckwheat recipes that contain no gluten — to prove that there’s more to make from buckwheat than just pancakes:buckwheat-flour-bread