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FixMyRecipe’s Chef Billy Parisi Turns Your Recipe Gone Wrong Into A Cooking Video Done Right!

There is a slew of cooking video websites now, of course. Some I like. Many I don’t.

But I’ve found one that does something the others don’t. It fixes your cooking mistakes.

FixMyRecipe is an online cousin to that old Tyler Florence show on the Food Network, Food 911… except you don’t have to make room for a chef/host and television crew in your kitchen to get your problem solved. 

Regular, everyday home cooks can submit to the website recipes they may have once had right, or recipes that might have been handed down from a relative, but when they cook them now they come out all wrong.

You know you have a few of those.

Chicago Chef Billy Parisi then looks over the recipes and makes a cooking video to show the home cook, and you, how to fix the dish and make it right.


Recipes That Need Fixin’

For example, Bonnie of Western Springs, Illinois had her recipe for Chicken and Supreme Sauce all wrong.

Chef Billy simply walks us through the blonde roux, on to the chicken, and on to the finishing touches. Bonnie’s problem is solved and we all have dinner.

Here’s the video for thBonnie’s Chicken and Supreme Sauce recipe: 

The videos aren’t the slickest produced, but they’re straightforward and simple to follow.

The Fix My Recipe site has videos and recipes for every meal of the day. I like the sauces selection since I’m always finding myself wanting to learn a new sauce to spruce-up an old dish.

Even if you don’t have a cooking emergency for Chef Billy, his site has many features of traditional cooking sites including a database of more than 20,000 recipes and several helpful tips and links to other cooking-related websites.