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Al Dente

I've been in the food industry for years. Grilling and tailgating are my specialties. I'm also addicted to watching food shows on TV.

What do you do when you look at your bookshelves and you see more than 100 cookbooks there? If you're Heidi Swanson, you break out the pans. And the computer. Heidi is an award-winning photographer and author who one day in 2003 decided it was time to stop buying books and start cooking what's in them.

While there are 37,500,000 chef blogs online - give or take a million. There are 4 in particular that I find myself going back to read frequently.

Considering the season, and the games I'm watching, I thought I'd write about my favorite way to cook brats at a tailgate. I use a brat bath since it helps with a couple of tailgate challenges.

Grilling has 2 seasons:summer and football. Now is the time of year where backyard grillers become parking lot chefs at tailgate parties coast to coast. Before you buy a grill for this tailgate season, here are some things to consider...

See how Michael Pollen, author of In Defense of Food. An Eater's Manifesto turned my philosophy upside down by explaining how the all these celebrity food shows on TV have actually helped turn cooking from a participation activity into a spectator sport! People aren't cooking anymore? Hmmm...

As part of seafood marketing, they're renaming fish populations to increase sales! Will more interesting sounding names entice you to order it more? Personally, I'm trying to eat more sustainable fish. More about that here.

I'm so glad I found this amazing step-by-step guide to bread making on Epicurious! You CANNOT make bread wrong when you follow these thorough instructions

Here are the top 10 food websites people are searching to find something to put on the table.

The Scribd site is very well done. After signing up for my free account, I browsed for cookbooks and found a page with a slew of them. Many of the titles are small publications from Scribd community members, but as I scrolled down I found cookbooks by Jamie Oliver, Wei Chuan, and other popular chefs.