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Fall Apple Harvest Recipe Ideas: Crock Pot Apple Butter, Hot Apple Cider & More

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By Curtis

This is the best time of year for apples… and apple festivals.

The fall harvest is just wrapping up and the stores are loaded with fresh crisp apples right off the tree.

Better yet, surely there is someone in your neighborhood with an over-abundance of apples from a tree or two in their yard who is looking for someone to make use of their excess bounty.



4 Fun Uses For Apples

My favorite things to do with apples from the fall harvest:


  1. Homemade apple butter spread over a slice of warm from the oven homemade bread.
  2. Making crock pot apple butter couldn’t be easier.
  3. While you’re brewing a pot of apple butter, you can sip on some homemade apple cider.
  4. Or you might want to tap into that jug of apple jack you made for special occasions.


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Just think how good your kitchen will smell with all those holiday spices simmering away!


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