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Oh No!… You Don’t Make These Restaurant Dining Mistakes, Do You?

restaurant-dining-secrets-by-Merelymel13.jpgDo you know the top 10 mistakes restaurant goers make when dining out?

These are in addition to the unforgivable mistake of ordering a steak well-done, and the classic mistake of asking for salt at a fine restaurant.

I think the best one is: “If there’s a Help Wanted sign in the window, take your business elsewhere.”

You don’t want to be the first person to break in the new chef, do you?  (It might be that he was just promoted from dishwasher!)

But wait, there’s more!…

Mistakes When Dining Out With Kids

If you’ve got kids, then you certainly don’t want to make these mistakes when dining out with children. Summarized:

  • If you don’t see kids there already, think twice about taking your own kids in.
  • Kids menus often are overrated… and overpriced.
  • Don’t introduce kids to a new food on vacation.
  • Coffee (for you) and appetizers (for the entire family) could stave off tantrums.
  • Kids’ meals should be brought out the same time as yours, not earlier.
  • Always taste your child’s food first, checking for spices, temperature, etc.

Mistakes We All Make At The Table

How’s your etiquette when dining out?

Okay, so did you know that after you pick up a piece of cutlery, it should never touch the table again?

Do you place your napkin on your chair when you leave the table in between courses? Most of us do this, but do you know why it’s done? Answer: so no one will see the stains!

And on a related note, your napkin should be placed loosely to the left of your plate at the end of the meal. I know I usually place mine on top of the plate. Oops!

Mistakes That Restaurants Make