101 Cookbooks: An Online Journal Of The Best Cookbook Recipes

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heidi_swanson_cookbooks_101.jpg What do you do when you look at your bookshelves and you see more than 100 cookbooks there?

If you’re Heidi Swanson, you break out the pans. And the computer.

Heidi is an award-winning photographer and author who one day in 2003 decided it was time to stop buying books and start cooking what’s in them.

That’s how 101Cookbooks.com began — as a journal of her cookbook collection, one recipe at a time.


More About 101 Cookbooks

In the 6 years that have passed since then, the site has evolved.

Now I choose and write about the recipes that intersect my life, my travels, and my everyday interests — often they are from my cookbook collection, sometimes not — they might come from a friend or family member, or I might write about a recipe I created myself. — Heidi Swanson

She’s earned the freedom to write about more than her cookbook collection.

The 101 Cookbooks site has won awards, been named one of the most useful sites on the Internet, and her cookbook Super Natural Cooking was nominated for a James Beard Foundation award.

On the website, in addition to recipes for everything from Caramelized Tofu to Thousand Layer Lasagna to Spice-kissed Pumpkin Pie, you’ll find fun stories that surround many of the recipes, as well as explanations of ingredients and tips for making the dish turn out perfect.

You can also take those recipes with you!

The site has an application to download recipes to your iPhone so you don’t miss something at the grocery store or so you can cook while on the road. There’s also an iPhone-friendly version of the website.

Oh, and if you’re wondering about the titles in Heidi’s massive cookbook collection, you can compare it to your collection here.