Movie Popcorn Is Great, Except For ONE Thing…

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…all that popcorn stuck in between your teeth!


A popcorn bag with a built-in flosser! Fortunately, I invented this — a toothpick /slash/ flosser attached to bags of popcorn in movie theaters.

[Turns out the folks at Den-Tek beat me to the patent office, though.]

I’ve been telling Jim for years that dental floss should somehow be built into the popcorn bags at movie theaters.

Why? For a couple of reasons…

  • If you’re going anywhere but home after the movie, then you really don’t want to have popcorn stuck between your teeth!
  • If you’re obsessive-compulsive when it comes to things lodged between the tight spaces in your teeth (like Jim is), then you need something handy to help you dislodge the irritant on the spot.

Denteck popcorn bags with dental flosser attached.

Come to find out, these popcorn bags with dental floss attached have been available now for over a year. But they’ve just now made their way to the Nashville area.

A closeup of 2 Den-Tek dental flossers. We go to the movies a lot, and we got our first dental floss popcorn bag at Carmike Thoroughbred 20 Cinemas in Cool Springs last weekend.

I felt so proud that my idea had actually become a reality!

We didn’t get the “zip coupon,” which the consumer will “unzip” from the bag to receive $1 off any package of DenTek floss picks… but that’s okay. I guess they ran out of the coupons.

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