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Simple Party Food Ideas To Eliminate The Stress Of Cooking For A Crowd

Knowing how to feed a crowd is one of those little life skills that every good host or hostess should have up their sleeve. Whether you’re having family members over for Thanksgiving dinner, hosting friends for a Super Bowl party or inviting your neighbors over for a summer barbeque, there are occasions for food-filled get-togethers […]

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Buying / Growing Food


Vegetable Container Gardening Ideas: How To Get Started …And Get Free Seeds!

There’s nothing better than fresh, out of your own garden, fruits and vegetables! Growing produce from year to year can be even more satisfying, if you harvest your own seeds for the upcoming growing season. Otherwise, the expense of those little packets of seeds can quickly add up. If you look at gardening the way […]

Nutrition Labels Hide Bad Facts Behind Confusing Numbers

It’s hard to trust nutrition labels when they hide bad facts with confusing numbers. Serving sizes can be ridiculously small just to make it look good in the percentages. Making your own nutritional labels for food that you prepare at home is the best way to get a handle on what you’re eating and the foods’ nutritional values.

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Food on a stick can be a delicacy in some countries or an everyday food in others. Check out these weird foods!... photo by magical-world on Flickr

Extreme Cuisine: Food On A Stick, Deep Fried Food, And Other Weird Foods

The next time your kids turn their nose up at what you’ve placed on the dinner table, here’s a new comeback for you. Instead of the familiar, “There are kids starving in other countries that would love to have this.”  Just tell them, “We could all move to Indonesia so we can eat deep fried […]

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