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Before You Try A Low-Carb Smoothie King…

Low-Carb Smoothie King. Sticking to the Atkins weight loss plan has been a breeze for both Jim and I, but we still have a need for something sweet on occasion.

We recently tried a low-carb smoothie from our all-time favorite: Smoothie King.

In fact, it was part of the motivation for going on Atkins in the first place… that we would still be able to satisfy our craving for a Smoothie by ordering their “low carb” version, instead of the mega-carbed and mega-tasty “regular” Angel Food smoothie.

Smoothie King health fruit smoothies.

One word: Blech!

Don’t do it.

Even the server behind the counter tried to talk us out of it!

For a mere 6 carbs (in your daily allotment of 20 on the Atkins plan), you get to choose from a lusciously light Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla, or Banana Smoothie. What you get is something more like a lumpy ice-filled cup with a squirt of some artificially flavored concoction inside.

It’s not a pleasant experience!

Jim managed to crunch away 32 ounces of the Banana-flavored ice product (for 9 carbs instead of 6). But I didn’t even get through 3 tastes of my 20-ounce Strawberry low-carb Smoothie (…reserving my 6 carbs of dessert for a Hershey’s miniature piece of chocolate instead!)

Guess we’ll have to find our sweet treats elsewhere for awhile. You can bet we’ll be back to Smoothie King for the full-carbed versions on our next “cheat day” though!

Here’s proof that we can’t get enough of the ‘regular’ angel food drink from Smoothie King…

32oz angel food smoothies from Smoothie King in Cool Springs, Tennessee.

These are the cups that remained after drinking angel food smoothies from Smoothie King two days in a row! Before we started our recent low-carb diet, we were definitely regulars at our local Smoothie King. Notice that they’re not the small ones either. They’re big 30-ouncers — which they call medium, by the way. Believe it or not, they have an even larger size that’s 40 oz!