Diet Prepared Meals: Easy Take-And-Bake Meal Delivery Systems For Busy People

There are a number of take-and-bake options available these days. Each provides fast, healthy, meals to go. We will explore 5 of these meal delivery systems in depth, and mention a number of others worth considering. Each offers prepared meals — whether you’re just too busy to cook meals yourself or you’re seeking a weightloss alternative.

8 Ways To Turn A Taco Salad Recipe Into A Healthy Dish

Taco salad can be one of the most unhealthy dishes around when it comes to the fat content alone. But once I applied the following tips to my own taco salad recipe, I not only felt better, but when applying the same principles to other recipes I also began to lose weight — a real plus for me!

What’s In My Belly?

What’s interesting to me, is the fact that this act of photographing food has taken over Adam’s life in such a way, that the food sometimes takes a backseat to the story and what’s ultimately been ‘strategically placed’ within the frame of the photo.

Before You Try A Low-Carb Smoothie King…

At Smoothie King, for a mere 6 carbs — in your daily allotment of 20 on the Atkins plan — you get to choose from a lusciously light Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla, or Banana Smoothie. What you get is something more like a lumpy ice-filled cup with a squirt of some artificially flavored concoction inside. Blech! Don’t do it.