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Diet Coke… With A Lime Twist!

Diet Lime Coke tastes great! If you haven’t already tried Lime-flavored Diet Coke, you’ve gotta try it!

I usually don’t like citrus-flavored drinks, including lemon tea or soda, but the LIME-flavored just adds a bit of “bubbly” to the beverage.

It even tops Cherry-flavored Diet Coke (which has been my personal favorite up until now).

I have to admit, I haven’t tried Vanilla-flavored Diet Coke (because I imagine it will taste as if I’m eating a candle!), but I venture to guess that it’s even better than that.

If you haven’t tried it yet, give it a go!
…let me know what you think.

Diet Coke was first introduced in the U.S. in 1982.

  • Caffeine-free Diet Coke was introduced in 1983.
  • Diet Cherry Coke was introduced in 1986.
  • Diet Coke with Lemon was introduced in 2001.
  • Vanilla-flavored Coca-Cola was introduced in 2002.
  • Diet Coke with Lime was introduced in 2004.

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