Beachy Pineapple Punch Sherbet Smoothie Recipe

by Lynnette

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In keeping with the Caribbean theme going on in my house this weekend, I dug deep into my memory bank to come up with an all-new, low-cal (and fat-free!) refreshing beverage.

Actually, it was lunchtime, and we were all out of soda, and I’ve never been one to drink water with meals… so I resorted to using up some leftovers from a get-together we had with friends last weekend. I found some pineapple sherbet and diet Canada Dry ginger ale, so I decided to make a personal-sized version of the punch that we served that night.

I call it a Beachy Pineapple Punch Sherbet Smoothie!

The recipe:
Beachy Pineapple Punch Sherbet Smoothie in a glass. Fill a tall glass half-way with ginger ale ($3.99/12-pack or $1.79/2-liter), then add a few scoops of the ice cream ($2.75/gal Kroger brand), and wah laah — a refreshing, light beverage… with a kick.

Who says punch is only for parties?! Besides I was in the midst of my own “escape to the Caribbean” party and this hit the spot perfectly.

Pineapple sherbet. The best part: This recipe is so adaptable. You could substitute virtually ANY flavor of sherbet for the pineapple-flavored ice cream. (I’m looking forward to trying the Raspberry and the Rainbow sherbets.) This makes for great variety when you’re trying to watch your weight, yet you get a craving for something sweet!

(Just think of all the money we’re gonna save not running to Smoothie King every other night, Jim!)

Mantle at home which holds a ton of scented candles! The only thing missing was a little bit of mood lighting and a soft Caribbean scent filling up the house.

Kokopelli chiminea candle burner we got in Scottsdale, Arizona. THAT was achieved from lighting the four new sandalwood-scented candles Jim and I picked up on sale at Target last week and the Kokopelli chiminea candle-burner that we got in Arizona a few weeks ago.

Ahhhh, pure relaxation!

Enter to Win a Cruise! Click here So, don’t ya just love how I was able to pull all these completely unrelated pieces together to make my own little Caribbean getaway?

And, more than that… that I actually took the time to BLOG about it?!?!

Well THAT, my friends, is the story of my life — as told by a lonely housewife who’s got far too much time on her hands… and a good sense of humor.

Here’s to turning something average and mundane into an out-of-the-ordinary experience in YOUR world.