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See Exactly What’s Inside A Can Of Mixed Nuts: A Count Of Each Type Of Nut

From the archives of Rob Cockerham

I found this one interesting because I’ve always wondered about the breakdown of all the nuts inside a can of mixed nuts. (Haven’t you?)


Here is Rob’s one-of-a-kind look at just what goes inside a can of mixed nuts…



Rob’s Cockeyed website is one of my favorites.

I especially like his “How Much Is Inside?” column, where he takes everyday, normal items and delves deeper to see exactly what is inside.

This one is a classic.

Ever wonder how many of each different type of nut is actually inside a can of mixed nuts?

Well, here’s your answer: There are 371 nuts in an 11.5 ounce can, and 253½ of them are peanuts.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Peanuts – 253½ (67%)
  • Almonds – 76 (20%)
  • Cashews – 21½ (6%)
  • Hazelnuts – 9 (2%)
  • Pecans – 8 (2%)
  • Brazil Nuts – 8 (2%)