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4 Of The Best Reasons To Buy Local Meat

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By Andrea

If you own a chest freezer (and if you don’t you should), then you’ll want to consider purchasing meat in bulk from local farms. 

You can purchase ¼ cow that is cut and packaged into individual meals by the farmer or local butcher. 

You can also go to the local poultry plant and purchase chicken in convenient shrink-wrap packages. 

If purchasing a case of chicken or a side of beef sounds like too much to stomach, consider splitting the purchase between a few friends or family members.

Benefits Of Buying Local Meat:

  1. Buying local meat can save you some money.
    You see, when you purchase local meat, you save the cost of shipping your food across the country, or even the cost of importing it from another country.  In addition, since the meat is not passing through a series of wholesalers and retailers, you will get the absolute best price for the meat (with the exception of clearance items.)
  2.  Buying local meat can save you some gas. 
    Since you will have all the meat you need in your home freezer, you will need to make fewer trips to the supermarket. 
  3. Buying local meat supports your community. 
    Supporting your local farms helps to keep farmers self-employed and keeps their farms in your community. This prevents more urban sprawl.  
  4. Buying local meat can be healthier. 
    Locate a local farm that specializes in free-range chicken and organic meats.  It may not be within 10 minutes of your home, but if it’s an hour drive or less, then you can purchase there 4 times a year and bring home food free of chemicals and hormones at about the same cost.

If there is no local farm in your area that you can purchase from, urge your grocer to purchase from local farmers. How? By making a point of always asking where the food comes from and buying the local items first.