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I have been a certified tightwad since I became pregnant with my first child and decided to find a way to stay home with him. I enjoy sharing my experiences in my journey back to financial health and planning for a future -- which will include sending 2 kids to college and early retirement.

Chest freezers can save you a lot of money on groceries. Here are tips for saving money on food and using your chest freezer to the fullest.

If you own a chest freezer -- and if you don't you should -- then you'll want to consider purchasing local meat in bulk. But, if purchasing a case of chicken or a side of beef sounds like too much, then consider splitting the purchase between a few friends or family members. Here are the benefits of buying local meat.

You can get excellent cheap meals for less than $5 -- some for as little as $3.99! Here are the best ways to get cheap meals at popular restaurants.

Did you know that most weeds that grow in your yard are actually edible? Here are some of the foods that will grow themselves in your yard.

A collection of the best ways to organize recipes, including recipes you've found online, in magazines, and on recipe cards. Lots of do-it-yourself ideas, plus links to the most popular recipe software programs.

Being a simple girl, not to mention frugal, I like serving dishes that are simple in design and serve more than one function -- like serving as food storage containers as well! Here are my favorites, including some unique options for lids.

Regardless of the reason your food is left to thaw to room temperature, the following tips will help you decide what to keep, what to cook, and what to throw away.

See how to stop wasting leftover food. In addition to all of these ways of saving money on your grocery bill, it is also wise to make the most of your leftovers -- and to be more careful with meat and produce -- in order to prevent waste.

Have you started gardening for groceries yet? I have. I'm starting with tomatoes and strawberries planted in containers. It's a form of urban gardening. Here's what you need to know to start your own urban garden project, plus LOTS of tips to save you time and money!