4 Of The Best Reasons To Buy Local Meat

If you own a chest freezer — and if you don’t you should — then you’ll want to consider purchasing local meat in bulk. But, if purchasing a case of chicken or a side of beef sounds like too much, then consider splitting the purchase between a few friends or family members. Here are the benefits of buying local meat.

My Favorite Food Serving & Storage Plates, Bowls And Lids

Being a simple girl, not to mention frugal, I like serving dishes that are simple in design and serve more than one function — like serving as food storage containers as well! Here are my favorites, including some unique options for lids.

Interesting Ways To Use Leftover Food & Avoid Food Waste

See how to stop wasting leftover food. In addition to all of these ways of saving money on your grocery bill, it is also wise to make the most of your leftovers — and to be more careful with meat and produce — in order to prevent waste.