Quik Top Lids Turn Soda Cans Into Soda Bottles

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Have you seen these yet?

My collection of QuikTop soda lids. Can lids are the best for saving opened cans of soda pop.

I was watching too much late night TV one night, and my channel surfing cost me about $19.95 this go around. (UPDATE: Now, they’re half that price!)

Luckily, I didn’t have any buyer’s remorse over this little purchase.

They’re called Quik Top lids!

Why I Like These Reusable Lids

At the risk of sounding like my very own late night commercial, here’s why I love soda can lids like these Quik Top lids:

  • You can “save” a half can of soda for a few extra days, without losing the fizziness and flavor.
  • If you tip over the can — with this lid screwed on — it won’t spill, thanks to the rubber seal inside the cap.
  • The opened top is a wide-mesh plastic, so it keeps flies and other bugs out of your drink.
  • The lid cover doubles as a coaster to prevent water rings.
  • They’re easier to drink out of (without spilling) than a can is.
  • The different colored tops make it easy to differentiate between different people’s drinks — either in the fridge or at a party.
  • They’re great for people on the go — because it’s easy to put a lid on your drink and travel, without spilling a drop!
  • You can put them in the dishwasher for quick & easy cleaning. (But I don’t, it’s quicker to wash them in the sink in my opinion.)
  • There’s a built-in can tab opener, so you won’t ruin your nails opening cans.
  • These lids fit on standard-sized water bottles, too. (There’s even space in the mesh lid for a straw!)

Check Out The Commercial…

Mom Likes Them, Too!

For what it’s worth, I gave 2 of my 5 QuikTop lids to my mom as a Christmas gift. She loves ’em!

She likes them because they keep the bugs out of her soda when she’s riding on the golf cart. (She’s an avid golfer, not a senior citizen living in a retirement community!)

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These reusable lids turn soda cans into soda bottles!