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See all the reasons I love these Quik Top lids! (Reusable lids for canned beverages and water bottles) They keep an opened beverage fresh longer & much more

Check out the Cruzin Cooler, a one-of-a-kind motorized beverage cooler!

So, which is it? What is the generic term YOU use to refer to soft drinks? Is it 'Pop'?... What about 'Soda'?... Or, is 'Coke' the word used to represent all beverages in your world?

If you haven't already tried Lime-flavored Diet Coke, you've gotta try it! I usually don't like citrus-flavored drinks, including lemon tea or soda, but the LIME-flavored just adds a bit of "bubbly" to the beverage. It even tops Cherry-flavored...