How To Eat A Banana (I Bet You’ve Been Doing It Wrong!) + Fun Ways To Slice And Peel Bananas

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Bananas are my favorite fruit.

They’re good tasting, good for you, and they come pre-packaged by Mother Nature in a neat disposable and biodegradable handy wrapper!

You can do so much with bananas.

These are some of my favorite banana recipes:

TIP: Here’s the best way to store bananas so they don’t get bruised. Or, you can freeze bananas to stop the browning process and make them last longer.

Now, here are all the fun ways to peel & serve bananas!…


Fun Ways To Peel & Slice Bananas

If you’re having a party, a picnic, or a cookout, and you want to serve individual bite-sized bananas, without them turning brown, try this nifty trick to cut bananas and still leave the peel on them!

This next idea is fun too…

You can mess with someone’s mind by giving them a pre-sliced banana that is still fully enclosed in the banana peel. They won’t even know that it’s been sliced until they peel it open. It’s like magic!

This video shows how to make pre-sliced bananas using just a long pin or a needle:


For a party, or just to impress your guests, here’s how to serve bananas in fun shapes…

This first video shows how to make banana dolphins:

See how to make banana dog shapes:

Here’s how to make banana swans:

This video shows how to make banana ducks:

Here’s how to make banana snakes:

See how to make banana minions:

And finally, do you know how to peel a banana?

(…I bet you’ve been doing it wrong!)


The Right Way To Eat A Banana

This video shows how to peel and eat a banana in the most efficient way, just like monkeys do:


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