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Here's my homemade banana pudding recipe, plus a fun variation: individual banana pudding cups! I make this all the time -- because it's so simple!

Here are 6 reasons I try to eat a banana every day. A list of banana health benefits + My favorite overripe banana recipes - banana bread & banana smoothies

Bananas come in a neat disposable and biodegradable handy wrapper. Here's how to impress your friends -- or your kids -- by serving pre-sliced bananas within an unopened banana peel or by making individual bite-sized slices of bananas within the peel. Plus how to peel bananas like the monkeys do!

Here is a list of ingredients that you can mix & match to make a variety of different fruit Smoothies.

Here's how to slice bananas into individual bite-sized pieces -- without the banana slices turning brown.

Some of the best little-known cooking tips and food prep hints from Martha Stewart... and a few from me too.

Isn't it amazing how quickly bananas start bruising? It seems like they develop brown spots virtually minutes after you bring them home from the store! Here's what I do to make bananas last longer