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Healthy Pizza Recipes: Tortilla Pizza Is Diabetic-Friendly & Simple To Make

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By Curtis

healthy-tortilla-pizza.jpg Carbohydrates are the nemesis of all diabetics. Oh how we love them, and oh how they hate us!

Giving up the majority of my daily bread is the hardest part of being a Type 2 Diabetic for me.

When it comes to pizza… when was the last time you managed to eat just one slice of your favorite pizza? Stopping after just waking your taste buds up with those first few bites isn’t likely to happen, is it?

As a way to cut back (and keep my blood glucose numbers in check), I started ordering a DeLITE pizza thin crust pizza at Papa Murphy’s. By reducing the quantity of crust, I hoped to maintain safe blood sugar numbers on my meter the following morning.

Take heart all you fellow diabetics who struggle to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Here’s a simple way to satisfy a serious craving for pizza without pegging the scale on your blood glucose monitor!

Following are lots of great tips and videos for making healthy pizza using tortilla shells…


How To Make A Tortilla Pizza

Anything whole wheat is lower on the Glycemic Index Food Chart and will have less affect on your blood sugar.

This is good if you’re diabetic.

It’s also good if you’re just trying to eat healthier!

Using a whole wheat flour tortilla as your pizza crust reduces the crust size and also ensures the healthiest crust possible.

The restrictions of a smaller overall pizza will help you contain your appetite while still providing a satisfying meal.

That’s right, you can eat the whole thing without feeling guilty.

Another interesting benefit is the fact that tortilla pizza is actually considered “diet food.” Yes, even those on Weight Watchers can still enjoy pizza without the guilt.

By adding just a few everyday ingredients, you can enjoy a great tasting pizza that will satisfy that craving that hits us all when we feel there’s nothing “good” that we’re still allowed to eat.

Healthy pizza to the rescue!


Healthy Pizza Recipes & Tips For Making Tortilla Pizzas

Now for the videos…

This one’s my favorite. It’s an entertaining video that shows the basics of making a tortilla pizza:

A few more videos with tips for making pizza using tortilla shells:

healthy-pizza-ingredients.jpg Deprivation only makes the desire stronger. So, head to the supermarket and pick up a package of whole wheat tortillas. They keep well in the refrigerator for quite awhile. You can also make breakfast burritos or even fruit roll ups with them.

With a small can of tomato sauce or tomato paste, some grated mozzarella cheese, a few spices and maybe some turkey pepperoni, you can whip up a snack — or a meal — the next time you get a craving for some healthy pizza.