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Best Fried Chicken Recipes & Restaurants With The Best Fried Chicken

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By Curtis

fried-chicken-latest-food-trend-by-thebittenword.jpg Pork is no longer the trendsetting meat of choice, the word on the street this year has chicken moving into the spotlight again.

Oh sure, they could be talking about the health benefits of chicken, but I’m going with who makes the best fried chicken, instead:


Best Fried Chicken Recipes

Over the years, I’ve also enjoyed broasted chicken from assorted smaller family restaurants or convenience store outlets.

In case you’re tempted to dig out the pressure cooker to try to duplicate any one of these great fried chicken recipes, just be aware that a pressure cooker isn’t a pressure fryer!

Never put more than 1/4 cup of oil in a pressure cooker.

Here’s an example of broasting chicken in a pressure cooker vs deep fryer at home.

A commercially rated pressure fryer is how the restaurants do it, as seen in this video:

If it’s the crunchy crisp skin you’re after, you can even avoid the frying all together with this recipe for crispy oven baked chicken made with Corn Flakes.

It’s just as good as fried!


Whether it’s pan fried


Deep fried


Or even oven fried


…my quest for the best fried chicken never seems to be satisfied.  I’m always looking for more!

Feel free to share your favorite recipes for the best fried chicken in the Comments below.

Finally, the tips in this last video reveal why it’s a good idea to utilize both the oven and the stovetop if you want the best fried chicken of all: