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Shameless Chefs Surprise Viewers, Then Work Magic In Kitchens Across America

Do you remember that old show on The Food Network, “Door Knock Dinners?”

Gordon Elliott hosted it. He would take a chef into a neighborhood, knock on a door, walk in, and the chef would cook dinner with whatever ingredients the family had in the pantry and fridge.

My favorite episode was the one when he had 2 of the Iron Chefs in tow from the original, Japanese “Iron Chef.” They didn’t speak English and couldn’t read the labels to know what it was they had to cook with. But I’m getting off my point.

That show is long gone, but there’s a website with a couple of chefs who bring back that impromptu spirit.

On Shameless Chefs, Shameless Dave and Shameless John show up at a house where only the person who invited them knows they’re coming.

They surprise the other guests and then get to work in the kitchen — sometimes pulling the guests in with them.

They describe the set-up on their website:

One optimistic member of a family or overly confident organization invites the Shameless Chefs to prepare a memorable meal. Only one person knows of the upcoming culinary ambush so the rest of the household is surprised as the chefs’ start ransacking the place searching for ingredients, utensils and inspiration for the perfect meal.

From breakfast and brunch to dinner and tailgate parties, the Shameless Chefs cook their way through the meal and offer tips and their brand of humor to help you have fun in the kitchen, too.

Of course, since it is a food site, in addition to the videos the chefs offer up some of their recipes and a fair amount of self-promotion. But that’s okay. They gotta make a living, after all.