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Learning to cook healthy is just a matter of making a few small adjustments to how you prepare your meals. Here are 10 tips for healthy cooking, plus videos showing how to keep all the nutrients in your vegetables by steaming them in the microwave.

Various points of view on whether you can safely boil water in the microwave or not.

Here are some cool things you can do with a microwave that you might not have have heard before.

Microwave popcorn burns quite quickly. The terrible smell lingers forever and it's tough to clean. Here's how to remove burnt popcorn smell from a microwave

Satisfy your desire for chocolate with a 3-minute recipe: microwave chocolate cake in a cup! I bet everything you need to make it is right in your pantry.

One of the best things I did recently was to replace ALL of my old plastic food storage bowls & containers with glass ones. I chose 2 sets of Pyrex glass bowls with vent-top lids. i LOVE them!

Here are all the best cooking tips I've acquired through the years... and they REALLY work. Enjoy!

Some of the best little-known cooking tips and food prep hints from Martha Stewart... and a few from me too.