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Not many people are using Google Docs for recipes, but it serves my purpose well. I've been organizing recipes there for years! How to organize recipes in Google Drive

Find recipes that adapt to your pantry. (Rather than making your pantry adapt to the recipes!) These sites help you find recipes with the ingredients you have.

You can make food nutritional labels for yourself and your family, or for the food products that you sell. Here's what you need to know, plus FREE nutrition label generators and professional paid ones for small businesses.

Big Oven is the first recipe program to meet my recipe organization needs. Review of BigOven, Mastercook, Mealmaster, Cookn, Living Cookbook, Now You're Cooking.

A super handy reference guide for anyone who spends time in the kitchen cooking and preparing food. I refer to these kitchen shortcuts ALL the time!

A collection of the best ways to organize recipes, including recipes you've found online, in magazines, and on recipe cards. Lots of do-it-yourself ideas, plus links to the most popular recipe software programs.

The iPhone can now help you make dinner. Or lunch. Or a snack! Kraft has released iFood Assistant. It cost 99 cents and has quickly become one of the top 100 apps for the iPhone!