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With The iFood Assistant App, The iPhone Becomes A Kitchen Appliance

ifood-assistant-iphone-app-by-kraft.gif That’s right. The iPhone now can help you make dinner. Or lunch. Or a snack!

Kraft has released iFood Assistant.

It cost 99 cents and has quickly become one of the top 100 apps for the iPhone.

It’s #2 for the Lifestyle category.

Kraft’s iFood Assistant

With recipes, tips, and videos Kraft has done a good job of making this tool work well on a handheld interface. 

The iFood Assistant app also works with the non-phone iTouch.

The app has a ton of recipes (more than 7,000) you can browse and select by ingredient, meal type, prep time, and other options.

There are also helpful videos and a grocery store locator feature. Of course, most of the content pushes products from the Kraft family, but you expected that, didn’t you?

This is the latest, and to date probably the best, of the efforts of food companies and media to be with their customers 24/7.

When we look at our customers, we think that they’re busy and they’re looking for food-planning tools that can make their lives easier,” Kraft’s Ed Kaczmarek told Advertising Age magazine.

iFood Assistant Reviews

Not all users agree, however, that this is the best thing since sliced bread.

Looking through the reviews on various boards and the Apple’s app store for every user talking about how this is the best 99 cents they ever spent, there’s one complaining that the experience doesn’t match up to various food sites online. 

But that shouldn’t surprise you. While the iPhone is the closest thing yet to duplicating the Internet experience on a handheld, not even the most energetic Apple fanboy would be telling the truth to say it is a replacement for your computer.