Are Your Fruits & Vegetables REALLY Made In The USA?

by Lynnette

fruits, grocery shopping, strawberries, vegetables

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Do you know where your fruits and vegetables come from?

Here’s a confusing scenario I encountered the other day…


I’ve been on a fruit kick lately.

I’ve been buying multiple packs of blackberries and strawberries at Costco — a couple of times a week actually. I just can’t get enough.

They’re really good! Plus, these blackberries and strawberries are really huge.
I’m not kidding… (I already ate most of the HUGE ones.)

However, I’m confused a bit by where these blackberries are coming from. The strawberries are clearly marked "Watsonville, California. Product of the U.S.A.".
But the blackberries say: "Sunnyridge Farm, Winter Haven FL 33881 USA. Product of Mexico."
Okay, what am I missing here?